An expedition begins long before you tighten your boots and begin hiking up the trail. Whether you’ve grasped it or not, you’re already in the thick of your Denali expedition and have made numerous decisions that will ultimately affect your experience in the Alaska Range.

Mountain Trip Alaska, LLC is an authorized concessionaire in Denali National Park.
Mountain Trip has led guided Denali expeditions since 1976.

No other guide service has helped more climbers climb Denali.


Everyone comes home in good health

Everyone has a great experience

Everyone stands on the summit



You Train = You Win

It takes a lot to climb Denali. Hone your mountaineering skills. Get some expedition climbing and winter camping experience, and start training now to build your fitness and strength.


Good Prep = Good Time

Take your prep seriously, from the composition of your team to the route you attempt. Denali is a high-altitude, arctic mountain, but also an attainable objective and amazing experience.


Well-Equipped = Great Trip

Denali is not the place to discover your pack is too small, your boots are too tight, or your sleeping bag is too light. We’ll share the kit that we use and help you plan and pack for your expedition.


Denali is home to some of the most challenging alpine routes on the planet. Most climbers attempt the mountain by one of three routes: the West Buttress, the West Rib, and the Cassin Ridge. In the future we intend to expand this site to include beta on those routes; however, our initial focus is on the classic route that most climbers use to climb Denali—the West Buttress. This iconic mountaineering route is a modestly technical but physically demanding and mentally taxing endeavor. Many Denali climbers find this to be the most challenging expedition they have done in the mountains.

Learn From The Guides Who Know The Mountain Best

Our guide team has almost 50 years of institutional knowledge and collectively has climbed the mountain literally hundreds of times. They have learned a thing or two over the years—occasionally learning the hard ways—so that you don’t have to. Pick up some valuable tips from those who have spent ample time on Denali before embarking on your expedition. If anything is unclear or you’d like to learn more, feel free to drop us a note or give us a ring. We love sharing our knowledge and love for “The Great One.”