An expedition begins long before you tighten your boots and begin hiking up the trail. Whether you’ve grasped it or not, you are already in the thick of your Denali expedition and you have already made numerous decisions that will ultimately affect your experience in the Alaska Range. You have decided upon climbing Denali, you selected your route, you made a decision as to which guide service to use, and you undoubtedly have much of your equipment already at hand. You are effectively already on route!

As you continue with this journey, you’ll find numerous occasions when you may not know exactly what is expected of you. Maybe you’ll not know exactly what kit to keep with you or pack up, where you should be at a given time, or who you should ask for guidance. Part of our job is to help minimize those occurrences, as each of those adds a level of stress to an already stressful pursuit: climbing the highest mountain in North America!