Pee Bottle 101

By Todd Rutledge This might get me blackballed from the guiding profession for revealing this trade secret, but here you go:  Pee Bottle 101. (Spoiler alert! The following mostly pertains to the male readership, as I don’t have any experience using other techniques, but I will throw out some suggestions for the ladies.) The key…

The Rest Step – Climbing “One Step at a Time”

What is the rest step? Simply put, the rest step is speed control. While climbing at altitude, on steep slopes, with a baby whale strapped to the back, it is difficult to go slow enough to maintain an efficient and aerobic pace. At several points you will probably hear your guides put a lot of stress in going steady, keeping the breathing under control and maintaining that efficient mountaineers’ pace that makes it possible for us mere mortals to climb one of the world’s great mountains like Denali. And one of that keys of that efficient pace is the rest step.