Guide Tips

Probing for Crevasses on Glaciers and at Camps

By Ashley Klassen One of the greatest challenges of crossing glaciated terrain is navigating its crevasses. There are several methods to employ in order to facilitate a safe crossing. You should be aware of areas of a glacier that are more likely to have crevasses than others, such as the sides of the glacier, near…


All Aboard! Preparing for Your Flight

Preparing for any climb requires a number of steps, some of which can be stressful and some that come at you so quickly that intuition is your only guide. One step along your journey to the summit of Denali will find you at a small airport with a large group of climbers that you hardly know, and an inconceivable amount of gear that needs to find its way to Base Camp. This is a moment when stress can be high as this is your last chance to remember anything you may have forgotten.


The Talkeetna Hang

It doesn’t matter our intentions, mother nature is the boss, and if she says, “you ain’t going to do that,” you aren’t going to do that. This can plague us our entire trip if unlucky, but nothing is more frustrating than hitting Talkeetna raring to go, and then… nothing. Base Camp is socked in and the planes aren’t flying.